Free ATM Placement


Free ATM placement is our core service. We offer FREE ATM placements and installation at your store, event or business facility. From regular servicing and maintenance to loading the machine with cash, every detail will be looked after by our specialized staff.

Free ATM placement

Is It Really Free?

YES It Is !

We do not charge anything on your business expense, we fill it up with cash, service it according to the needs and pay you a percentage of profits on a monthly basis.
In addition to providing ATM placement services, we also sell new ATMs to financial as well as non-financial institutions. We take care of your ATM processing with the highest standards of services.

  • AT Urbtech ATMs, we ensure to make your business grow without any hiccups or obstacles. With our advanced ATM processing services, you can be sure of getting direct connections with all major cards and banking networks of the country.
  • We strive to provide the fastest and most reliable real-time computer on-site and off-site monitoring facilities to all our clients.
  • With our customized reporting mechanism, you can increase your business productivity and avoid unnecessary gateways for more efficient transactions.
  • No matter which industry or business segment you belong to, we offer hassle-free cash management and ATM processing services customized according to your business needs.
We Provide a free ATM placement
We Provide a free ATM placement

Mobile ATMs for Events

Urbtech ATMs provide mobile ATM placement services for outdoor events and locations like festivals, concerts, fairs, sports events, and other life activities.

Enabling the event-goers a fast and secure way of procuring instant cash without having to move out of the event location, our portable ATMs can be placed anywhere and anytime you want.

The key is to help you facilitate your customers and event participants and increase your revenues without making extra investments.

Additionally, our team of on-site ATM technicians and repair services is always ready to help you out and replenish cash regularly to ensure constant, error-free, and smooth ATM operations