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We Provide a free ATM placement

Established in 2019, Urbtech ATMs specializes in providing efficient, reliable, and technologically superior Automated Teller Machines or ATMs products and services to a wide range of business entities in the Texas and Oklahoma region.

Primarily focusing on the cash needs of clients coming to cannabis dispensaries, we specialize in offering cashless and traditional ATM placement services to different types of cash-driven retailers, live events, and other shopping outlets.

Urbtech ATM is a one-stop-shop ATM solution provider. We take care of everything from selecting the right ATM for your business and events to the final delivery and installation of the machine to its cash loading and maintenance.

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Innovative Mobile Solution (Cashless ATM)


At Urbtech, the clients are the center of all our efforts. We strive to provide the most reliable, convenient, and secure way for your customers to access cash wherever and whenever they need it. There will be no extra cost on your business while you will be earning passive income in addition. We will take care of everything and you can sit back, relax and enjoy increased sales and more profits.


We have a mission to provide the full range of premium quality and advanced traditional and cashless ATM products and services to facilitate our business clients with efficiency, costeffectiveness, and enhanced profitability.

We strive to find and provide you the most innovative and technologically superior ways of making your lives and business processes easier and convenient.