Cashless ATM

Cashless ATM

Being a cash only business can be challenging and we understand that. Here at Urbtech ATMs , we provide Cashless ATMs, also called the Point of Banking machines that enable you and your customer to process payments in a fast, secure and convenient manner. Opting for our advanced cashless ATM placement service, high risk merchants will gain the ability to accept debit and credit cards without having to pay extra processing fees.

Cashless ATM

Easy To Use

  • Plug and process set-up with easy to use instructions.
  • Funds Deposit immediately land clear within 48 Hours.

Save Time & Less Hassle

  • Eliminate triops to bank and go paperless.
  • Increment of $5 , $10, $20
  • Charge up to $500 for 1 transaction
  • Deposite into your checking account of choice
  • Wireless Terminals for delivery Available
  • Month to Month Contract
  • Free Equipment

Accept Bankcards in your Business

  • At No Cost

How it works ?

Runs On an ATM network

It doesn’t run on visa/MasterCard network

Accept PIN-based transactions.

Customer’s can swipe their debit/ credit cards as long as they have a pin

Optional Accessories
Works in increments of $5,10,15,20…

Total purchases are rounded up the nearest 5. For example : $126 purchase would be rounded up to $130. $4 change goes to customer.

Deposits in your bank within 48hours

Transactions are deposit to your bank account of choice within 48hours