We provide free ATM placements for cash only businesses,we empower your business to thrive and grow by enabling profitable and increased cash-driven sales.

ATM placements

Why Choose Us?

Full-Service Free ATM Placements

FREE ATM placement is our core service. All you have to do is tell us the location and we will do the rest. Starting from the selection of the suitable machine to installation, we will take care of everything.


All our ATMs are fully insured to reduce any unwanted and burdensome liabilities on your business. With enhanced security and safety, your customers can easily access cash without the fear of loss or theft.

No Longterm Contracts

Our contracts begin on a 90 day basis meaning no yearslong paperwork to sign. You can add or remove the services you need at anytime. We offer complete flexibility and can tailor our solutions to you.

Increase Sales

Increased Sales Through our mobile and traditional ATM placement services, you can get ready cash in your customer’s hands and directly increase their spending and your sales. Let us help you grow your business by focusing on the profits at the bottom line.

24/7 customer support

We provide 24/7 highly responsive customer support,services, maintenance, and troubleshooting solutions for all our ATM’s. Our team of technicians and customer support specialist are committed to customer satisfaction

Passive income

We offer your business a percentage of the profits our ATM produces, providing passive income for your business.

Innovative Mobile Solution (Cashless ATM)

Innovative Mobile Solution (Cashless ATM)

NEXGO’s N5 tablet is a sleek and secure Android-based payment solution. With many connectivity options, the N5 allows for multiple payment types including NFC, EMV, PIN-based transactions, and signature capture. It also features a rear-facing camera / barcode scanner.

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We promise to deliver reliable, customized, and secure turn-key ATM solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses increase their sales and revenues and improve the customer’s shopping experience. With our team of dedicated, professionally experienced, and highly qualified ATM technicians and specialists, your business success is our top priority.

Innovative Mobile Solution (Cashless ATM)

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